Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales - CSSIW

The CSSIW is the Care and Social Standards Inspectorate for Wales. This is a government body set up to regulate and inspect a range of services, one of those groups being care homes. The aim of the CSSIW is to set out the minimum care standards a service must reach in line with regulations, and make regular checks through annual or more frequent inspections to measure the service provided against the standards and regulations. Inspections can take two different approaches as follows:

Baseline inspections

What is a baseline inspection? A baseline inspection is an “audit” of a registered service, covering all four ‘quality’ themes; Quality of Life; Quality of Staffing; Quality of Management and Leadership and Quality of the Environment.

It is systematic and checks both the experiences and outcomes for people using the service and the underpinning systems and records.


Focused inspections

What is a focused inspection? A focused inspection is a short, flexible inspection with a limited scope and is normally concerned with judging the quality of life for the people using the service. It may only cover this one theme. Focused inspections can be either a Routine focused inspection. A routine focused inspection would usually be unannounced and would not normally exceed more than two to three hours duration. Or a Targeted focused inspection. The purpose of a targeted focused inspection is to explore and address a specific issue or issues arising from a concern or another information source. Again, these would usually be unannounced.


How we work with CSSIW 

As a home we value the input of the inspectors, and view inspections as a way of measuring our service against the standards and regulations. We believe that to provide a quality service we have to be open to ideas and suggestions, as that is part of being progressive and is the best way to achieve quality outcomes for the residents in our care. Our inspections also provide us with feedback that forms part of the homes Quality Assurance process and annual audit.


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